Qualitative 360° feedback or Talent Assessment Center©

In response to business circumstances and stakes, you have surely developed your own unique leadership style. Could it, however, be that this style may be less impactful in an evolving business context, which may call for differentiated leadership practices?

A more subtle awareness of the advantages and potential limitations of your leadership style, via a 360° feedback, will allow you to confront your self-appraisal with that of your direct reports, peers and superiors, as well as with other stakeholders.

A Talent Assessment Center© will enable you to be assessed by externl observers, and thus to compare your own performance with that generally observed on the market.

These services will allow you to:

  • Better build on your winning leadership practices and take possible remedial action required for those that are less impactful
  • Develop your ability to create and deploy vision, coach your teams and mobilize the organization to deliver on its strategic objectives
  • Leverage your strengths and address development areas


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