Select the best-suited candidate for the role

Leadership effectiveness in disruptive business environments may require higher levels of agility, adaptability, creativity and soft skills than those needed to succeed in more predictive ones.

Your challenge: select for and appoint to a key role the manager or leader best suited to rise to the strategic challenges faced by your organization. The one able to optimize alignment, impact and performance.

How can you ensure, among a short-list of candidates matching your key criteria, that:

  • Their personal and social competencies (soft skills) match the demands of the role
  • Their values and culture are aligned with those of your organization
  • Your perception is validated by an objective, documented assessment
  • Their integration into their new role is both successful and meets your expectations in the long run


Our Talent Assessment Center© can partner with you in your talent selection process in order to

  • Enhance the reliability and objectivity of your own assessment
  • Align individual potential with your organizational needs
  • Facilitate integration into a new role, via a more subtle understanding of the selected candidate's way of operating, intrinsic motivations and assess
  • Identify development areas and strengths to leverage, notably in taking charge of a new role
  • Develop individual and team performance
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