Career Assessment for development

Our mission: help you assess and align your potential to new business realities and challenges, be it in a broader scoped role within your organization, or beyond.

A highly individualized reflective process nurtured by a sparring partnership between you and your Personal coach, building on our proprietary methodology Career Life-Cycle Management® and enriched by assessment tools, selected for their relevance and reliability. This triple perspective fosters the emergence of career highlights, unique competencies, drivers, values, style and interests. Thus, you will be in a position to explore sustainable career options, enabling you to proactively leverage your assets and potential.

Key outcomes

Through a guided review of your career and personalized face-to-face coaching, you will have:

  • Identified and validated your competencies, know-how and added value via an analysis of your major career and personal achievements
  • Gained enhanced awareness of your personal and professional potential, your values, drivers and resources
  • Highlighted potential development areas to progress as desired within the organization
  • Take full ownership of your career progression
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