Talent Assessment Center©

Our mission: partner with you in a selection, promotion or internal transfer process, so as to ensure the best possible fit between the demands of the role and your short-listed candidates, with the option of establishing a development plan.

Our approach is anchored in a relationship of trust established with the Selection Committee or Learning & Development Team, the short-listed candidates and the senior consultant in charge of assessing the match between a candidate's personal competencies and social skills, his/her leadership potential and the requirements of the particular role.

We advocate a targeted, tailor-made three-step process and offer 4 distinct assessment programs, adapted to your specific context and needs.


Mutual benefits

  • Our Assessment Center, led by senior consultants and supported by professional actors, generates concrete and specific outcomes
  • Our developmental approach in conducting an Assessment enables you to optimize your decision-making process, while providing an opportunity for each participant to be challenged and grow in the process
  • Both your organization and selected participants get a better understanding of key success factors and possible development need with respect to the role to be staffed, and can thereby better leverage their strengths and address their shortcomings
  • The integration into the new role is facilitated by the awareness of the respective assets and challenges
  • In the event of promotion, the participant is motivated and better able to evolve in a focused and effective manner, in line with your organization's expectations
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