Drive your integration into a new role

Von Rohr & Associates will guide you throughout your first 100 days to help you navigate successfully in unchartered waters, get your bearings and steer the right direction.

Taking charge is both awesome and demanding. It is not always easy to stand back, reflect and plan. Yet this is vital to develop and execute a winning strategy.

By taking full ownership of and driving your own induction process, aided by a solid roadmap, will allow you to take relevant action and successfully address potentially conflicting demands.


Von Rohr & Associates provides contextual and real-time coaching, characterized by a pragmatic yet reflective approach to

  • Define the baseline and identify business, organizational and people challenges
  • Develop a strategic approach, assess and mobilize your team, establishing trustful relationships with key stakeholders
  • Deliver quick wins and steer the right course, whilst being mindful of your own needs and intrinsic values

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