Ensure sustainable integration into a new role

Why consider integration coaching?

Individual and corporate success depend on the ability of a newly appointed employee, manager or leader to take charge effectively, learn with focus and to make the right decisions during the First 100 days in office.

Be it for a new hire, a promotion or an internal transfer.

By taking ownership of their own induction process, new leaders establish a “roadmap” to strike the right balance between learning and delivering value for your organization.

Beyond your organization’s proprietary on-boarding process, Von Rohr & Associates brings its expertise to bear for the mutual benefit of both parties, in order to:

  • Secure sustainable executive integration into your leadership team
  • Sharpen an executive’s leadership skills within a new business and organizational context
  • Accelerate value creation thanks to a sound grasp of the issues at hand and stakeholder expectations

It is all a matter of establishing a relationship of trust with new leaders, empowering them to express their potential concerns and to help put them into perspective.

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