Could it be that a career breakpoint reveals your entrepreneurial spirit? Could it be the right time for you to realize a long-held dream of self-employment, business creation or company acquisition/buy-in? Or simply engaging in a portfolio of careers?

An increasing number of individuals elect to leverage their expertise and experience acquired in a corporate environment to their own benefit. They are confident in their potential and eager to mark their personal footprint by executing their vision and entrepreneurial project.

You will be able to explore all these options via the specialized entrepreneurship module in the context of your outplacement program.

What is the entrepreneurship module all about?

It is a comprehensive professional service ranging from the proof of concept through to the launch of your entrepreneurial venture, via

  • Personalized coaching to explore your options, assets, business model and proof of concept
  • Expert support for your personal “branding” and market positioning across multiple media
  • A structured marketing and sales approach to optimize your business launch
  • Expert fiduciary advice to guide your decisions as to legal structure and validate your business plan
  • Access to personal and professional network platforms
  • Outstanding market intelligence services to segment and identify your target markets
  • A well-equipped work infrastructure to ensure a successful business launch


What are the benefits of an entrepreneurial support service? 

  • An experienced coach who acts as a sparring partner to challenge you and address your concerns
  • Specialized marketing, communication and fiduciary advice
  • Effective launch platforms

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