Outplacement for executives, a highly personalized journey…

Today, organizations operate in a VUCA environment characterized by an accelerated pace of change cycles. Strategic redeployments are part of present-day realities. In this context, the need for leaders and senior managers to reposition themselves on the market has become a norm.

Your outstanding career track record implies specific needs when faced with this pivotal moment in your career. Precisely because your expectations reflect an unusual career path, Von Rohr & Associates has designed a bespoke and highly personalized coaching program: a reflective process enabling you to explore and assess your options going forward, or even to deploy a new career strategy in line with your talents and your life projects.

Your career transition service will be designed to meet your specific demands and challenges. You can rely on a dynamic, high-level commitment to enable you to orchestrate, shape and transform your professional assets into a sustainable future, in line with your aspirations and market realities.

For further details on our executive outplacement program, kindly contact us or connect with Frédérique Bleyzac / Kathryne Bonvin-Berce in our Leadership Team.