Outplacement for managers & professionals

What benefits can you expect from an outplacement service?

  • Redirect your career rapidly and sustainably – be it for new corporate employment, entrepreneurship, or novel life options
  • Capitalize on your assets, visualize, and achieve your future career direction
  • Transform a career breakpoint into an opportunity to bounce back – better
  • Challenge & and reinforce your employability
  • Mobilize and develop your skills
  • Engage in a holistic thought process

A unique and bespoke approach

What sets Von Rohr & Associates apart is its multidisciplinary, personalized, and developmental approach. You will benefit from expert, bespoke, and proactive support which constantly integrates market realities. The objective is to facilitate and achieve a rapid career repositioning. Beyond an in-depth knowledge of the job market, Von Rohr & Associates provides you with various network levers thanks to its historical anchorage in the economic fabric.


An integrated, results-driven approach