Partner with you for change

Von Rohr & Associates can support you as a trusted partner from the initial planning phase through the deployment of a social plan and beyond.

More specifically, Von Rohr & Associates can work with you at different stages of a transition process

  • Before: assist you with your social plan and organize its roll-out,
    including training your Managers in “Breaking the news” and sensitizing them to the challenges of a notification meeting.
  • During: help defuse the shock of job loss by being present on site at the time of employee notification and supporting departing staff right after the news is broken. Moreover, by facilitating information sessions to present the transition support measures you are offering to help them secure a new career challenge.
  • After: mobilize those who stay by facilitating workshops to help them cope with change.


By partnering with Von Rohr & Associates, your organization will

Have access to best practices to plan and execute the transformation process, while mitigating its human impact

Be able to rely on an external partner to take care of those who transfer, those who leave and to mobilize those who stay

Enable your Human Resource teams to sustain engagement and performance, whilst ensuring business continuity throughout the transformation process


Mutual benefits

You will be able to better anticipate and leverage change by effectively shaping the transformation process

Your HR teams will be more available to focus on essentials

Your employer brand will be enhanced via the deployment of change management best practices

Your departing staff will feel that they have been treated with dignity and respect during the parting process