Expert partnerships

In order to provide further support to individuals, Von Rohr & Associates has developed well-known expert partnerships to

  • Optimize business creation or acquisition through: BDODryden Associates, as well as business lawyers and notaries.
  • Enhance image and communication excellence: Vox Institute


Business Partners in Switzerland and beyond

Thanks to an active partnership with Grass & Partner, Von Rohr & Associates’ clients and candidates in transition can benefit from career services all over Switzerland.

To facilitate international mobility for executives in career transition, Von Rohr & Associates cofounded Arbora Global Career Partners in 2000. Arbora brings together the expertise acquired by established outplacement firms, leaders in their respective countries. The Arbora partnership is rooted in 4 continents; across 30 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific offering local excellence, integrating the specificities of each market, each business sector and each individual. 


Professional Partnerships & Memberships

Networking is a key resource during career transition. Von Rohr & Associates and its team are actively involved in several associations and networks, to stay attuned to opportunities and best practices.


Professional networks  

Business and Alumni networks

Human resources networks