Individual resources

Assessment tools

The human element proves to be a key factor for corporate growth and performance. Von Rohr & Associates has always favoured the assessment of personal abilities, soft skills and talent which constitute the individual’s uniqueness beyond hard skills.

To help individuals focus on their core strengths and reveal their potential, Von Rohr & Associates offers a large range of well-known and complementary psychometric tools. They shed a unique light on an individual’s personality, intrinsic resources and motivations. Each tool provides a specific added value via an interactive feedback with a certified coach.

Why integrate assessment tools ?

  • To complement one’s self-appraisal and broaden one’s self-perception
  • To create new opportunities through one’s resources
  • To facilitate communication and mutual understanding
  • To build cohesive and high-performing teams


A multifaceted, predictive and scientifically validated psychometric tool, AssessFirst fosters self-awareness through an in-depth analysis of one’s personality, strengths, management of emotions, aspirations, as well as one’s cognitive skills, ability to take risk, solve problems and learn. AssessFirst offers a targeted solution for employee selection and/or development, in that it assesses an individual's personal potential.

Linking the results via an interactive feedback provides a broad and evolving view of an individual’s profile. It enables to validate one’s platform of excellence, determine the probability of success in typical functions and open up paths to evolve.

CareerStorm NavigatorTM

CareerStorm NavigatorTM contributes to in-depth and relevant reflection, since it is very individual. A unique platform to clarify and prioritize one’s values, competences, talents and options to shape one’s professional and personal life. A real compass to guide one’s path.

Insights® Discovery

Based on Jung’s theory, this tool enables individuals to better understand their own preferred communication style and decision-making approach. Based on their personal profile, illustrated by colors representing different color energies, they can improve their interaction with others and foster team cohesion. 


Based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, this evaluation tool enables individuals to gain a better understanding of their behavioral patterns and interaction preferences with others so as to explore potential areas for development. It is an effective tool for enhancing and fostering team cohesion.

Predictive Index® 

PI® contributes to improve the individual’s professional performance and impact on the team dynamic thanks to a better understanding of one’s natural behaviours and drives, and potential areas of development in one’s interaction with others.

LEA – Leadership Effectiveness AnalysisTM

Developed by MRG-Management Research Group, this 360° professional development process aims at identifying leadership and management style. The behaviour observed is assessed according to several dimensions: creation and implementation of a strategic vision, employee development, achievement of objectives and team spirit. A self-evaluation is benchmarked with that of direct reports, peers, line management and clients resulting in a specific action plan to progress.

The First 100 days

A road map to successfully navigate through the first 100 days. The tool enables to establish a strong, relevant and sustainable basis in a new position both from an analytic and operational perspective thereby ensuring effective onboarding, aligned with the objectives and challenges of the role. Learning while delivering.


Economic information

Von Rohr & Associates provides a platform of specialized information on site and on line. Surveys about local, national and international economic trends are accessible for a relevant and targeted positioning.

Working space

Von Rohr & Associates offers a professional environment to enable a challenging, structured and interactive approach for individuals in transition. The emphasis is put on user-friendliness, spacious and fully-equipped office infrastructures.

Collaborative resources

Peer learning circles©

Von Rohr & Associates proposes a choice of workshops to become familiar with methodologies and best-practices required for successful career transition. These complement face-to-face coaching and provide additional opportunity to broaden network with peers.

Regular themes  

Targeting your market – a proactive approach to align one’s professional background with objectives and needs of the targeted market to reach a relevant and competitive positioning enhancing opportunities.

Networking smartly – an interactive workshop to improve one’s efficiency to gain, develop and strengthen networking skills and expand network base. Networking remains a key route to the job market.

Preparing for interviews – to optimize the preparation for interviews by becoming familiar with the various techniques. To enhance self-confidence and ease by learning how to prepare for crucial questions and avoid pitfalls. In addition, the workshop “Interview simulation” focuses on contextual role plays, highlighting the various facets of this strategic exercise for effective job search.

LinkedIn secured Group

An active community of individuals in transition, or alumni in a job to enable concrete sharing of information and advice to support one another in their respective sector and professional function. 

Technology resources

Market and business intelligence has become a strategic tool in career transition. It has always been a key element of the Von Rohr & Associates business model. A personalized and relevant support to facilitate market targeting and interview preparation. It brings significant value for an optimal and competitive positioning of the individual.

Von Rohr & Associates created a proprietary career portal, providing a direct link to a considerable amount of information regarding job search, career management, entrepreneurship, and business news and events.