Retirement preparation - Career3

You may suddenly be presented with the opportunity for early retirement. This unexpected perspective may be daunting and may require you to find a new balance in your life, beyond your corporate career path. Extended life-expectancy coupled with the erosion of fixed retirement incomes, may make the prospect of active retirement not only desirable but potentially necessary.

How can you leverage change at this major crossroads in life to gain a new sense of purpose and fulfilment?

Such options can be explored in the context of our Career3 program, specially designed to facilitate the emergence of new career and life options.


How can our service help to prepare for active retirement?

It enables you to gain enhanced awareness of your values, interests, resources and skills in order to structure your post-career activities in a meaningful and effective way. Typically, this service comprises three tenets:

  • Highly personalized coaching, enriched by group dynamics, to explore your assets and craft a new life project – potentially including a future professional dimension – and to develop a targeted action plan to make it happen
  • Expert fiduciary advice for estate planning
  • Access to personal and professional networking platforms, as well as to market intelligence to identify and segment target markets, should the beneficiary elect


Benefits of the service

  • Validate interests, motivations, needs and future options
  • Gain a stronger awareness of potential personal, health, pension and real estate challenges
  • Provide support during this major life transition from a corporate career to a new chapter in life