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Much more than a service, a reference…


Managing the human impact of change is a daily challenge. A process-oriented response has often become the main solution regardless of the most essential and intrinsic dimensions of the individual. And yet, the latter are critical for an individual’s self-fulfilment and to prosper in the professional ecosystem.

As an independent pioneer of outplacement in Western Switzerland, Von Rohr & Associates has quickly established itself as the absolute reference in its field, thanks to an individualized empowering approach, based on a holistic support, which has become a significant distinctive feature of the brand. A unique difference which has contributed to establish a strong reputation among peers, and beyond, since the brand was launched in 1993.


Reveal, shape, transform...

Von Rohr & Associates’ vocation since more that 25 years has been to support individuals in identifying their true potential and to help them to leverage and align their talent to corporate needs.

The Von Rohr & Associates’ emblematic and avant-gardist philosophy, focuses on personal development and self-realization. It fosters a genuine partnership between organizations, teams and individuals to ensure an optimal match with their respective evolution cycles for their mutual and long-term benefit


Entrepreneurship with heart 

From the barely unveiled past of its founder, Eva von Rohr, still echoes the unfailing missionary commitment of her parents. Heritage of a childhood coloured by African lands combined with a broad professional background, the Von Rohr & Associates’ brand name has been shaped by strong human values: integrity, respect and transparency. Courage, humility as well as a relentless commitment to respond to client expectations with an ethical and caring attitude, underpin the brand approach.


Von Rohr & Associates executes its mission in complete independence. Excellence, passion and innovation inspire its daily engagement. 


The Von Rohr & Associates’ method Career Life-Cycle Management®

Because people are the key and the most inimitable resource as well as the most precious asset of a corporation, Von Rohr & Associates has developed a concept which goes beyond a process-driven method to favour a holistic, highly individualized and bespoke approach.

Career Life-Cycle Management® draws on Eva von Rohr’s unique experience. For her, “Life is in perpetual motion”. Seeking to “balance professional life and private life is illusory”. Harmony according to Eva, results from the right alignment between values, energy and satisfaction, which are effectively channelled to achieve Work Life Harmony.

The Von Rohr & Associates’ method is recognized as a genuine springboard for talent and potential optimization and deployment.

It seeks to uncover an individual’s ability to reinvent him/herself to secure long-term employability, whilst contributing to corporate sustainability across economic transformation cycles.

Career Life-Cycle Management® shakes up prevailing coaching standards for talent development, performance and transition. A daring alternative which has established the brand’s awareness, notably because it broadens the range of possible options. This innovative dynamics empowers individuals to align their future career, life project and fundamental values.


At the age of 40, Eva von Rohr questions her true mission as she is confronted with the finiteness of life. She realizes that setting up her own business and making it thrive are one of the two major foundations of her life plan, the second one being to rethink the outplacement business.

After several years in recruitment and outplacement, Eva is convinced that an alternative to the existing business model, enforced by the market leaders at the time, should be crafted to go beyond a process-driven approach. By launching Von Rohr & Associates in 1993, she consequently proposes a new approach to outplacement.

An exclusive method, shaped by a teenager’s unfulfilled dream which came true through sculpture when she turned 45. Her passion for art has inspired a new dimension in transition management. Through her creations symbolizing the Moebius strip, Eva transposes the theme of “continuity through transformation” to Von Rohr & Associates’ Career Life-Cycle Management® concept.



Rethinking outplacement… 1993 - 2003

Driven by a favourable economic situation, Von Rohr & Associates offers innovative solutions responding to increasing corporate needs to attract, retain and promote key talent. Its Career Life-Cycle management® method combined with pioneering technology platforms (innovative psychometric tools, on-line career portal, market intelligence and on-line candidate and alumni directory) position the firm as the absolute reference aligned to market requirements in Western Switzerland.

The launch of spouse career transition services proves to be an incentive to facilitate international transfers and is conducive to dual career progression for both employee transferred and partner. Von Rohr & Associates’ bespoke and successful solutions are widely recognized and offered.

The transformation of the HR function spurred Von Rohr & Associates to propose tailor-made services for leadership effectiveness, high potential development notably to support international mobility or succession planning.


Consolidation through innovation… 2004 - 2015 

In the wake of increased economic globalization, cost optimization has drastically impacted corporate human capital management. Outplacement starts to become a full-scale service offered across all employee levels, not only to executives. Employability becomes a new challenge. New and flexible collaborative forms mushroom (portfolio careers, start-ups). Von Rohr & Associates anticipates these developments by broadening its services and solutions offerings: personal development is emphasized to further leverage human potential. The method is adjusted to 2.0 technology requirements.



Evolution with continuity… 2015 to present, and beyond



Digital business disruption has shifted HR practices and processes. The anticipated shortage of skills contrasts with the massive retirement of baby boomers. Business succession, as well as the 50+ positioning, lead Von Rohr & Associates to expand its services. The firm strengthens its team to integrate future core competences required to meet industry 4.0 challenges.