Building self-awareness for enhanced individual and organizational impact

How can you best leverage your talent and skills, while fostering employee engagement?

Attuned to your needs, Von Rohr & Associates now delivers a new co-active workshop aimed at facilitating sustainable performance. By gaining greater self-awareness and developing their ability to articulate their strengths and professional aspirations, individuals optimize organizational performance, thanks to a stronger alignment of their role with their skills and intrinsic motivations. True Self-leadership for the benefit of both the individual and your organization! Contact us on



Recruitment subjected to artificial intelligence

CVs screen or candidates’ videos for selection, AI tools take over the Human Resources. Becoming familiar with technologic recruitment is necessary. Von Rohr & Associates is now offering to its candidates a specific training, by using Sonru, a pioneer solution of automated video interview, a true value added during their career transition as well as an ever more customized and singular support.

2019 Arbora conference


Arbora annual conference was held in Lisbon from May 23th to 26th. About 20 countries have attended the event. Their representatives have actively contributed by sharing best practises as well as innovative solutions related to career transition, change management, leadership development and coaching.

Arbora Global Career Partners is a global organisation of 30 countries located in the 5 continents for 25 years. Through this unique network, Von Rohr & Associates, founder member, offer to its clients an international reach with a high level of quality and notably a strong local anchorage.



Talent Assessment Center, a new positioning for the Von Rohr & Associates brand...

You are unanimous! The ability to collaborate, adapt to change, communicate effectively, manage complexity and innovate are now necessary to improve performance. Whether it is for the selection or for the development of your talents, measuring skills and identifying strengths and points of vigilance in these areas are essential.


Focused on the needs of its clients, Von Rohr & Associates is expanding its offer with the launch of an exclusive Talent Assessment Center © program. A singular, differentiated and contextual approach, emphasizing the developmental dimension, for an increased efficiency for both the individual and the organization.


Relevant and objective decision support, a solution that allows you to select the candidate that matches the best desired profile or to define a targeted development plan according to the needs of the company.


Discover the Talent Assessment Center © designed according to the philosophy of the Von Rohr & Associates brand by clicking on the image below or contact us via



Can entrepreneurship be improvised ?

Von Rohr & Associates observed an increase in the number of candidates transitioning from a corporate employee to a freelance, consultant or an entrepreneur status over the past 2 years. Yet, moving from employee status to freelance, consultant or entrepreneur is often seen as a leap into the unknown. André Delafontaine, founder of Execelerate partners, has shared his rich experience during a relevant workshop on this topic.

A performance highly appreciated by the participants.


How to tackle your career transition and your life projects?

The right questions to ask an expert from Piguet Galland & Cie SAPiguet Galland & Cie SA have shared their expertise in a workshop exclusively dedicated to the Von Rohr & Associates’ candidates, as part of their career transition program.

Starting an independent business? Buying or selling real estate? Moving to another place? Early retirement? All these projects require asking the right questions beforehand, to be able to take the correct decisions from a fiscal and estate perspective.

Warm thanks to Vanessa Neil (ACSI) and also Marco Salmina’s team from the Inheritance Advisory department - Vincent Arnal - Jihan Bicici for their professional insights, their efficiency and benevolence. An added value recognized by all particpants.


Body language code – Beyond words, body language is meaningful...

Many thanks to Caroline Matteucci, first female Profiler in Switzerland trained with the Pioneer Method of Multiple Intelligence (Paul Ekman Group, Centre of Body Language), for delivering an amazing workshop last Thursday at Von Rohr & Associates Geneva, focussing on non-verbal communication.

An impactful input and value added for our candidates in their career transition.


New Workshops 2018


The 4th Industrial revolution by Dr. Slvija Seres at Arbora conference in Oslo.

Silvija Seres awarded by ODA prize as the most influential woman in IT in Norway, shared her vision on how new technology and digitalization influence traditional business models, market positions as well as everyday life at work. An amazing expertise which challenges the conventional thinking about leadership. Many thanks to Silvija for her enthusiastic contribution!

Discover more about Silvija Seres’ profile & background under



Arbora – International Conference 2018

Von Rohr & Associates, a founding member of the Arbora network, has participated in the annual conference held in Oslo from May 31st to June 4th. A privileged and rich exchange between the different partners on best practices in the areas of outplacement, career and change management for more innovative solutions closer to the expectations of the customers.

Thanks to our Norwegian hosts, for their very warm welcome, and an original immersion in this beautiful country.


Innovate your career ...

Eva von Rohr, our President & Founder, has shared a successful insight about this issue. The annual Conference organized by CWF was an exceptional best practises review, offering various and singular testimonials of personalities whom expereince and expertise have inspired the 265 participants last Tuesday January 30th in Geneva.

We warmly thank CWF'S organization committee for inviting Von Rohr & Associates brand to join this great event.



When Von Rohr & Associates reveals differently...

2017 Rétrospective


Reinvent yourself. Innovate your Career!

Von Rohr & Associates has the priviledge to partner this event...Join us

The Increasing Impermanence of work requires you to change. Are you ready? Today more than ever before, working life is impermanent. Change is imposed upon us – unemployment, mergers, acquisitions, physical rupture, artificial intelligence – other times we embrace radically new career shifts, following our hearts and taking control of our work lives. Why? Which are the main drivers of career changes? Which are the challenges and opportunities? Are you ready to plan your career differently, or, a variety of careers? Attend the CWF annual WAVE conference and listen to our experienced panelists talk about major career changes and join the panel discussion! Eva von Rohr: Founder, President, Von Rohr & Associates Sofia de Meyer: Managing Director, Opaline Silke Pan: Hand bike Athlete & co-director Canniballoon Dr. Cary Adams: CEO, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Sylvie Moreau: President, Coty Professional Beauty, Coty Moderator: John Zimmer


Reaching out in 2018

The Von Rohr & Associates Team extends its warmest wishes for your personal and professional fulfilment in all your endeavours over 2018! 

This year, The Von Rohr & Associates brand has elected to support the Qualife Foundation which fosters vocational training for people below 25 years and above 50 years of age in need of support to access the job market.  

Happy New Year! 

Photo by Pierre Balser
Photo by Pierre Balser


Von Rohr & Associates - End of Year Drink

A happy, enthusiastic and warm atmosphere was the highlight of Von Rohr & Associates end of year drink gathering the Alumni as well as the persons in transition. More than an exceptional networking opportunity, it was an exclusive moment of sharing! 

Thanks to all of the participants for their great contribution.


Von Rohr & Associates celebrates its 25th anniversary

The Art as shared passion...

On 9th November, Von Rohr & Associates chose art to celebrate its 25th anniversary… 

An exceptional moment around Corte Nascosta, a unique piece of “Haute Ebénisterie” designed and manufactured by François Staub: it reflects the collective involvement of the Von Rohr & Associates Team, fostering talent and potential, ensuring a harmonious professional and personal development. By favouring a bespoke approach, the brand works with heart, sensitivity and passion, just as the craftsman is driven by perfection, care to detail and the need to outdo himself to value each intrinsic richness of his work.  

Von Rohr & Associates thanks its clients, partners as well as its team for their trust and continuous loyalty.

Corte Nascosta by François Staub
Corte Nascosta by François Staub